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... this is my cozy pillow piled corner where I draw, nap, snack, and more. You'll find everything from art to stories; fandom to silly videos.... Enjoy your visit and support of the site and myself via purchasing prints or products on Spirit Bridge are much appreciated!


August 12th, 2017:Finally got the Background de-Christmas-ed and something more generalized. Still figuring out the coding game on and off, so WYSIWYG is still primary editing way. :0D

* * *

May 29th, 2017:

Happy Memorial Day! Spent the night doing very tiny behind the code fixes and tweeks to fix the main splash page into this one to work better with wider monitors. Also updated the Copyrights on this page and changed up the Spirit Sister icon also. :D

Slowly been dipping my toes into coding of HTML, but things like fixing up the Background ( will be trying to draw something new soon! ) image and all will be done in my WYSIWYG style editor I think for now as i'm not that advanced yet. ^^;d

* * *

December 11th, 2016:

Doing some randomly fueled updates on the Main Page. You'll find the Zazzle Store is replaced now by Society6 for Art Prints; Amazon store is closed due to issues with Amazon's fees taking away from any profit I could have made; and updating minor text areas. Also updated for a little more christmas-y Background on the main page. Silverspirit must just have woke up to look at presents! :3

* * *

September 5th, 2015:

Updates in the CatDog Fan Page!! Finally the animations have been aded completing the FanArt Section... and the first 2 Celix Chat Corner Archives have been added. I seem to be missing the others at the moment. Also as we know I am always random with updates; incase it's Halloween before I get back... Pumpkin has gotten dressed up as Black Rock Shooter. :3

* * *

January 31st, 2015:

A new Zazzle mini button on the bottom of the page to link to the Zazzle account. I have found that people are still visiting it and feel it could use some love now too. You can also visit the Zazzle store just by visiting CelixDog's Zazzle Store!

* * *

January 25th, 2015:

WELCOME ALL!! to the Celix Productions Dot Com Site! And not a moment too soon considering the tripod ads are now able to cover entire pages!

If your new, hello... i'm Dave aka CelixDog. If your a regular... HI JAN!! *waves*. If your a regular who isn't a kitten sister... then hello and welcome back! Obviously there is work needing to be done here yet. I had a good start and many grand ideas that have to still be organized and started. I've saddly hit a time crunch and a tiny art block to fully realize these, thus i'll be poking at stuff and encourage you all to check back from time to time... or keep up to date on my twitter, instagram, blog, or just bookmarking our new home!

More info on the lil cutie who's guest staring on the right a bit later. Just know her name is Pumpkin and she's new too... so if you feel nervious... she'll be around to be nervious with you. :D

* * *

January 24th, 2015:

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE (belated)!! CatDog section received a redo of the main page a bit and total reno of the FanArt page. Other page links that are still works in progress have has their buttons faded for now. Official reopen of the site is possibly actually near after initial web testing tonight.

* * *

April 11th, 2014:

Added social media and side project mini icon grid next to webcounter and spirit-sister site link button. Tweaked the sister site button to center to tables not whole window space.

* * *

April 10th, 2014:

Newest Character and Mascot of the site placed in homepage background. Sizing tweaks and private environment checks done on background. Small bug fixes to text and format on page to improve vertical scroll and make more compact.

Brainstorm processes started concerning lowest whitespace to right of Amy counter; pondering mini-stamp social media icons for additional access and visibility.

* * *

January 1st, 2014:

New site mainpage created, modifications to splash page image to suit wide-screen laptop and pc screens. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

* * *

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